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Sunday, October 1, 2017


The battle fought internally
Of body and of mind
Such fires rage infernally
Well fueled they’re unconfined
We wear their scars externally
Become how we’re defined
While clawing forth eternally
To just remain behind
A casualty of the war
Being fought in each of us
Our demons hunger for more
An enemy ravenous
The balance is precarious
The plummet hard and deep
The dangers not vicarious
Abysmal walls are steep
Too fearful seem nefarious
Under the drug they sweep
The naturally gregarious
To sow then we must reap
A casualty of the war
Being fought under the skin
Incessant hunger for more
Must consume us from within
The body becomes a jail
With the sickness in its cells
Existence prison detail
Where burgeoning toxin swells
Excruciating travail
Clarity of death’s harsh knells
Faced with catastrophic fail
What remains is our farewells
A casualty of the war
Waged internal to our chagrin
While we only dream of more
In the end no one will win

In memory of Ramin Shirazi.

© 2017


  1. Wow. I really enjoyed reading this. It is relatable I think to majority of people living in this day & age. While internal struggle is nothing new, the context and the arena are appropriate to today. Or maybe just me. Which is really all that matters.

    1. I am pleased this speaks to you. It came, as so much, at a great cost. Thank you for responding.