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Friday, January 13, 2012

Tired of the Tease

Diseased I’ve eased
Through life’s anxieties
Appeased I’ve seized
On the daze niceties
Greased and squeezed
Into all my cavities
The beast is pleased
With such activities
Sadly all relations aren’t so gentle
Some are seen as commodities
Such thinking always detrimental
Suffering life’s shrinking sanctities
When we treat our bodies as a rental
To be milked for their capacities
Could it just be coincidental
That we’re subjected to indignities
Lose a little today
Lose a little more tomorrow
In control there are seldom scarcities
How much will you pay
How much more will you borrow
Have you considered extended warrantease

It’s the best but will break in a year
One of life’s few guarantees
When that occurs the flirts disappear
Dodge responsibilities
The wink in the eye, the bug in the ear
Alluded fertilities
Concealed under flirtatious veneer
Spiteful ambiguities
Offers entice what words endear
Perverting utilities
Like all the rest, then be of good cheer
Embrace these futilities
Some things aren’t always as they appear
Some have similarities
Sometimes sweetness can become severe
Disruptive disparities
The dangling carrot can cause you to veer
Forsaking securities
Thinking is muddy but choices are clear
In taking impurities
Unheard as cattle conditions austere
Free within captivities
Ahead as chattel continue to steer
Through increasing casualties
The failed promise of a career
Economic cruelties
Expect no quarter from the cashier
Forsaken civilities
Empty handed the smart asses sneer
Proffering dishonesties
Promise as always is insincere
When facing it’s real: a tease
I’ve tired of the tease
The bland banalities
These animosities
People’s duplicities

All slutted up yet no one she’ll blow
Can’t stomach perversities
Don’t ask why she’s dressed like a ho
Not good with absurdities
A champion of life in all of its forms
Within certain sovereignties
Not one likely to challenge the norms
Live clean and then dynasties

Feign to the virtues they’ll never know
Exhort through false moralities
Offer nothing so much as a show
Export escalating mortalities
Blinded by light that seldom warms
No longer subsisting on subtleties
The biggest lie – everybody conforms
One of many human curiosities

I’ve tired of the tease
These grim realities
The animosities
People’s duplicities
More mediocrities
Bland banalities
Scary sanctities
Fleeting falsities
Rank deformities
Mortal deities
Phony charities
Bullshit celebrities
Business entities
Truck adversities
Sell iniquities
So many casualties
Engender enmities
Compel conformities
Lambaste liberties
Affect affinities
Unreal affinities
Reveal in the tease
Repeal affinities
We deal with the tease
With real affinities
We deal with the tease

© 2011 simmbiosis 12/31/11